Barrelback frames detailed material list

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Barrelback frames detailed material list

Post by FL-John »

This is probably a long shot but does anyone have a detailed list of materials required to build the Barrelback frames? Something more than the “random random” listed in the BOM? Even a close guess at board feet per width would be appreciated.

My plans arrived yesterday and I haven’t had time to digest them yet, let alone figure out what to buy. Rumor has it we have one more day of retail shopping in Florida before Covid-19 shuts down the lumber yard. Building frames seems like a great way to survive quarantine and help a local business in the process.

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Re: Barrelback frames detailed material list

Post by Jimbob »

Look at your plans to determine the width of the boards that you will need for each frame. Watch grain direction, and the curves involved.. I made mine out of 4,4 sapele. No need to plane down to 3/4" thickness.
Jim Neeley
Building a Barrelback in Sacramento, CA

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Re: Barrelback frames detailed material list

Post by boisebrit »

I don't have an exact material list, but I made templates on some cheap ply so I could replicate the frames so I could lay out on the stock. I am building the key largo almost the same design.

Have a look at the pics, will maybe give you some ideas on quantity, also you can always take the plan into google sketch up (which is free) and layout on the pc. ... oise-idaho

Good luck


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