Fuel Tank suggestions?

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Re: Fuel Tank suggestions?

Post by Bluesman »

Outstanding and thanks for the photos, this is very helpful!!
Tahoe - 21' under construction

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Re: Fuel Tank suggestions?

Post by Dave NZ »

Hi there, I was checking some things on my Tahoe ahead of spring here in NZ and took a look at the tank etc. given the discussion this past week. I realized why I also had a tricky time getting the fuel filler hose work done that I hadn't mentioned in my last post. So in case of any help in regards to the tank discussion, I have flotation foam under the rear deck - that's the orange material in the photo and this does mean some restriction in the ability to get tools etc in there.

In the photo, the stainless pole is the brace for the telescopic ski pole. The blower hose is around 3" dia.

I'd be interested to learn how others secure the tank and better ways to do it.

Looking forward to seeing your build photos. BTW the advice from Bill E to me during my build was spot on for us - put spray rails on the bow. I saw a video the other day that my wife took of me bringing the Tahoe into the beach at the lake. As the boat came off the plane, the spray rails shoot water out almost up to horizontally vs coming up toward the driver!

Fuel Tank Photo .jpg

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Re: Fuel Tank suggestions?

Post by Aussie »

Hi Dave,

For the mounting of my fuel tank I welded on 4 angles to the aluminium tank, drilled a hole and used a 75mm x 10mm stainless steel coach bolt straight down into the stringer.

Is very solid, only issue is the bolt at the back is a little painful to get to, other than that very happy with the method.

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