Hankinson plans

A forum for contacting other builders of Ken Hankinson designs. These designs are now a part of the Glen-L family.

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Hankinson plans

Postby fehujber » Thu Mar 31, 2005 3:00 pm

I likewise am disappointed in the recent turn of events. I would hope that given the sudden decision that no one is sick, second to that I really hope this is not because some BOZO screwed up his build and called a lawyer, if it was,... please someone give me his address. In any event to deprive the world of Kens' designs is just short of criminal. I would hope Barry would devise a way to market Kens' drawings , say as, collectors items. Thereby avoiding the support problem.
I am currently 80% finished with Kens' Bullet and hope to finish and launch as soon as the Delaware settles down. ANY time I had any question Ken was right there on the other end of the phone, and always with a solution!!!! While his designs and Glenn's are very similar yet different. Ken's approach to Mahogany has been more "antique" and I hope someone can "meld" it into Glen-L's family.
The only GOOD to come of this is being able to interact with other builders of Ken's boats.
Both designs, his and Glenn's are like legends.

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