Hankinson Barrelback 19

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Hankinson Barrelback 19

Post by wfstryker@sbcglobal.net »

Howdy y'all:

I was disappointed to see that Hankinson retired & shut down communications. I bought plans for the Barrelback 19 in November and it would have been nice if he had told me at that time that he was planning on retiring & no technical assistance would be available after March 2005.

Anyway, I would be happy with any assistance that you could give me.

I am finished with the frame, but a few questions before I move on.

The instructions at heading "Transom Framing - Aft Side" state that the transom should be planked "in the same manner as the side planking and prior to planking the hull." The instructions further state that the "hull planking & decking will cap the edges of the transom planking later."

My first question is: should all layers be applied to the transom (including the final mahogany veneer layer) prior to beginning the planking of the bottom/sides? If so, I can see how this would "cap" the end-grain of the transom planking. However, won't the side & deck plywood layers overlap the finished transom veneer & result in exposed plywood endgrain around the perimeter of the transom (as viewed from the rear)?

Next, from your experience, what order orientation is best for applying the bottom & side strip planking? Side or bottom first? Alternating? And what orientation is best for the bottom strips? Does it make a difference whether the strips on the bottom to be applied at a 45 degree angle from the keel are run from center-rear to side-forward (i.e., \\\\\) or from center-forward to side-rear(i.e., ////) (bow being to the right). Does one make it easier or better when applying the strips to the curvature at the bow?

Finally, the side batten near the deck at the bow appears to be too straight between Frame No. 7 and the Stem for the plywood strip planking to be able to contact the plywood strip planking. Is it necessary or normal for the strip planking to contact and be fastened to this batten?

Thank you for your insight & assistance.



Take a look at these...

Post by Hazen »

Hey Bill -

Got the 19 Barrel plans as well but have not started the project yet. However, in answer to your planking question...

Here's a link to Bob Perkins photos of his Biscayne 22. Incredible shots and craftmanship! (sorry Bob for showing off your work! But its too good not to! ;-))

The photos are on Image Station. You will have to join but it's free and only takes a second.

Here's the link...


Also, take a look at this site as well...


although this is the construction of a Glen-L boat, the process is pretty much the same and Mark Bronkalla does an incredible job of journaling his project.

Good luck and take notes...I'll be knocking at your mail box soon!


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I went to the imagestation site and registered. But when I went to look at Bob's pics, they were like large thumbnails and I couldn't expand any of them. Is it me or my ......... whatever? Any ideas? I turned off my popup blocker but there was no change.
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Post by Hazen »

...What I just did was, cleaned out my Temp Internet Files, and deleted my cookies...after doing that, went into settings and then view files and deleted the imagestation cookie. Then started over. I signed in and it took me to my own page which is nill. Closed it out and clicked on the link I gave above and it took me right to the site. Let me know if you still can't pull it up.


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Post by Dwain the ski king »

I checked your site and left a congrats note. You are doing a "beautiful" job. The "22" is a pretty boat, I like the bow as cpompared to the Riv-Monaco bow, it's more straight-up like the early(30's-40's) bows, anyway nice job....Dwain, AKA, Ski King....

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