Another Legal selling your finished boat...

A forum for contacting other builders of Ken Hankinson designs. These designs are now a part of the Glen-L family.

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Another Legal selling your finished boat...

Post by Hazen »

I don't know about the lot of you, my dream was/is to maybe one day build boats and sell them for a living. This includes maybe the barrelback or maybe building and selling strip Kayaks and or canoes. My quesiton is...

Can I sell each boat as a Glen-L, or Hankinson, or John Doe design, is that ok? or legal? In other words, most plans state, one boat per plan.
So if I build four Glen-L Monaco's, send the folks at Glen-L the cost of four plans and patterns, and then sell them as Hazen's Boats...builder of classic replica runabouts featuring Glen-L's Monaco...

Is that legal? If you go to Dana Phillips page and scroll about halfway down...he advertises his Tahoe 23' V-Drive

While it certainly may be a custom design by Phillips, it sure looks like the Glen-L, and, maybe it is and maybe this is the answer to my question...

I guess, I just want to know if any lines are being crossed if you site the designer, pay them for their design, and sell your boat as part of a business.



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Post by RonW »

Good question Hazen.. The best person to answer you is glen-l.
This is their business, they can tell us all what the deal is,
what the average percentage of plans is the royalty fee and so forth and so on.

Did you save the hankinson plan page, neat, good deal..

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Graham Knight
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Post by Graham Knight »

Most plans suppliers that I have come across will do you a deal of some sort, they don't expect you to by a plan for every boat you build to sell but ask for a royalty instead. However they may want to satisfy themselves that the boats you build will be constructed to a certain standard in case there are any liability issues, depending on where you are selling them there may be authorities with an interest this too.
Graham in Shepperton, England

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