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A forum for contacting other builders of Ken Hankinson designs. These designs are now a part of the Glen-L family.

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Plans update

Post by lalldrin »

I hope I don't get myself in trouble with Ken on this post but here is a bit of an update on Hankinson designs.

I'm a repeat plans purchaser/former professional boat builder. I called his old phone number a few weeks ago, got the address that was listed on the message and mailed him a letter with my request and contact info. He called me back and said he was retiring and getting ready to leave today (4/15) on an extended vacation. He mentioned that he was low on blue print paper and did not anticipate buying more to keep printing plans and, if I remember correctly, he said something about returning a leased blue printer (or maybe that was another designer I spoke with). He also mentioned that he had considered or is considering some offers on selling his business.

I honestly don't believe Ken has any intentions to keep selling plans, even through request by mail but my reason for this post is that I hate to see Ken's plans disappear. Perhaps, if some of you wrote him regarding your interest in his plans he may consider (more strongly anyway) selling his business. All I know is that he has the most modern, up to date plans of anyone. When I look at the "dated" material that Glen L and Clark Craft offer and then compare to Hankinsons, there is no comparison!!!! He has some great designs and I'd like to think they'll be available for my next project.


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69 Jag

Tahoe patterns

Post by 69 Jag »

I too had hoped to build a Tahoe 23 soon. I have a set of plans and was planning to purchase the patterns for the project this summer. I guess I will have to hunt elsewhere.

I wish he would consider letting someone else run his web site and plans business and send him a commission check once a month.

I volunteer!


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