Camper recommendations for Dodge RAM 2500 short bed truck

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Camper recommendations for Dodge RAM 2500 short bed truck

Post by rmbrandt »

I have a short bed truck but desperately want the bathroom with shower (toilet room) inside the camper. How painfully difficult do you think it would be to get the Bayou 8' plans and then simply modify them to reduce the length to fit a 6 foot bed.

John Bowen
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Post by John Bowen »

Why short'en?

Just leave the tailgate down.
One day.

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Post by leakcheck »

Are you willing to sacrifice anything ??

If not, what John says may not be out of the question...I don't know the regualations but can you have a couple of feet sticking out the back and rig up a lighting system ?? I think I have seen those before where the last two feet stick out the back and also extend downward.


Brian Eager
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Post by Brian Eager »

That's how you put any truck camper longer than 8 ft in a standard truck bed: it sticks out the back! You can do the same here. Actually you may be able to gain a bit of storage space in the behind-the-wheel-well area.
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Re: Camper recommendations for Dodge RAM 2500 short bed truc

Post by lynnburcher »

I don't have first hand experience, but just as an example, back in '72 my father took a set of the Cascade plans and stretched 'em into a nice chassis-mount motor home. What can be done really depends on your skill set. He's a very talented man.

The Glen-L camper plans are pretty darn cheap. What I would do, if I were in your shoes, is go ahead and buy the plans and study them. Keep in mind that interior appointments are still going to have to work after it's shortened. For instance, are you going to have room for the toilet room between the wheel well and the tailgate on a short bed truck? Can you make the dinette L-shaped rather than U-shaped? If you are only traveling with one other person, then the L-shaped dinette might work for you, and help shorten the design. Plus, to shorten the camper and still retain the amenities (like the stove and sink), about the only thing you can sacrifice is storage space. Or, can you loose the oven and put the stove over the refrigerator? Maybe carry along one of those fold-up stove-top ovens for occasional use? Loose the kitchen altogether and cook outside? In downsizing it you are going to have to give up something (everything is a compromise), so you are going to have to evaluate how you are going to use the camper, and what you are willing to sacrifice to bring the toilet inside.

On the other hand, if I were going to take the above suggestions and let 'er hang out, I would probably buy a set of the Bayou plans and a set of the 11' plans and try to graft the designs together to end up with an 8' overhanging design. Keep in mind that letting the camper hang out the back puts a lot of extra weight in a bad location. Think of the rear axle like a fulcrum, and the overhang distance as a lever. The weight combined with the distance behind the axle really adds up fast to screw up your weight distribution.

Since you mentioned wanting the shower and toilet inside, I'm curious why you are looking at the Bayou, which uses a portable toilet and a curtain for privacy, rather than the Acapulco, which has a hard-sided toilet room?

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