Yes that is a 1956 Johnson

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Yes that is a 1956 Johnson

Post by Retroman »

Could not wait to see how the motor looks on the boat. Gonna need some advice on the set up. I made the transome 20", but it looks a little high to me. Definitely seems to long to be a short shaft and too short to be a long shaft. Is this another forum first? or is it just me? help me out guys...I cant stand the wife being right everytime.
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Re: Yes that is a 1956 Johnson

Post by upspirate »

Jim, you need to post a pic of where the cavitation plate is in relation to the bottom.

Here is a thread on how to figure the placement and shaft length:

viewtopic.php?f=17&t=11172&p=80100&hili ... ght#p80100

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Re: Yes that is a 1956 Johnson

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Gee, That's one of the few model years I don't have. You will want your cavitation plate to sit just about level with the bottom of your keelson. Short shaft transom should be about 15 to 15 1/2 inches, long shaft 20 to 21. You may have to get a shaft stretcher for the Johnson. You'll find it right next to the left handed windshifters and across from the righthanded monkey wrenches. :D

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