Too much HorsePower?

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wes bryson
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Too much HorsePower?

Postby wes bryson » Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:31 pm

Myself and a buddy of mine are both building a picklefork type hydroplane. i myself plan on using a 25 hp motor, increasing the transom of course and possibly the width of the end of the main hull to sustain the extra weight. My friend plans on using a 35 hp motor that he already has for his boat. to me the 25 hp motor seemed to be pushing it, would using a 35 hp motor be completely ridiculous and unsafe, even if modifying the transom?
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Denon Osterman
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Postby Denon Osterman » Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:06 am

id agree with you that 35 is overkill. im building a TNT (which weighs twice as much as the pickelfork) and am putting ether a 25 or 35 on it...the 25 will push it into the high 30's, and the 35 to the mid 40's. Glen-L's website has a "how fast" section, and although the pickle fork is not listed it has the method for calculating. givin that your freinds motor weighs two hundred pounds, heweighs 180, and the boat is the weight specified on the website, and hten adding 10 pounds for will get a total weight of 480. 480/35= 13-14...which, acordnig to glen-l, is just south of 50 miles an hour :shock: . personnaly, although i think it might be fun to go highway speeds in a boat less then ten feet long...the boat definatly is't designed for it. if your freind hits a wae, maybe een a large ripple going at this speed, the bow will lift, air will get between the two sponons, and theres a good chance hell flip backwards(especially since almost half of the boats weight is hanging of the transom). also, with a 35, it may be great for straight line speed, btu it will be heavy, guzzle gas, and wont handle as wel. i definatly think he'd be better of with a 25, (430/25=17 ish...for a speed of roughly 42 miles anhour...still frightenignly fast in somethign 9 feet long that weighs half of what you do) as obviously he wants to go fast, but i still you think you guys would even be fine in a 15(380/15= 25 ish...for a speed of 35). obviously the calculations arent COMPLETLY acurate, for they take into acount estimated engine weights(the weights on the glen l webste are from the 50's...most 15's today do NOT weigh 150 pounds. i gave the 35 200, the 25 150, and the 15 100...though those are probably over the actual weight). as well, the graph is for the "average planning hull"...i hardly think the pickelfork could be considered average.

all in all i agree with you that 35 is hardly required, and probabaly fairly unsafe except for the most ideal conditions...but its no fun if you cant run your boat if theres no wind! (i was originally looking a thte pickel fork my self, but my cottege is in the muskoka, and its very,very rairly i decided on the TNT). I think 25 would be the highest you should go, and although i think you could, a 15 is definatly a possibility. remeber too that on a boat this size(i.e very, very small), you can gain or lose roughly 10 miles per hour just by changing your prop, so im sure with a 35 you could break 60, and maybe 50 with a 25 if you really wanted to. thats just my 2 cents though..its yor boat, do with it what you want.

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Postby BORD » Mon Jul 03, 2006 2:49 pm

The Glen L picklefork would be about the same size as a class C hydro(per APBA) after you lengthened it a little. These boats are running a Yamato 102 or 302 motor that puts out about 33~35hp. But they are lighter than that 25 horse your running because thay have no gearbox(no nutral or reverse). Even with this light of a motor they have to lean WAY forward when they come off of a plane to avoid swamping. That 35 your buddy has may get him into trouble weight wise. It would be a fun ride though. The C stock hydros go about 65mph when in good tune.

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25hp on a squirt?!?!?!

Postby brittny » Sat Jul 15, 2006 7:03 am

I just don't know if it's waay to much, we want to put a yahama 25hp *(136lbs.) on a squirt we're building. We stuck to the plans and the boat is 10ft. long. Has anyone put a 25 on their boat?

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