Installing Garboards

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Installing Garboards

Postby Boat Dreamer » Sat Jul 22, 2006 4:33 pm

I am building a scale model of a 14' Semi-Dory, which I have found in a book by John Gardner, Building Small Classic Boats. I lofted the lines from the plans and offsets.

This is a flat bottom with lap strak sides, I build a scaled strongback and have the frames, stem, transom and the bottom planks put on. I am trying to get the garboard cut and fitted, with no luck. I started with a batten made from poster board and spilled the line of the bottom plank. and cut out a pattern, which fitted pretty clcose.

Well when cutting the planking stock it is not fitting to well. Could any of you experienced guys give me a few pointers when fitting the garboard. I understand that this is the most difficult plank to fit, from what I have read.

I will have 7 planks above the gar board to the sheer line. So I have to spil the top edge of the garboard also. The problem that I am having is the center (fore-aft) buckles up away from the bottom planking. I will have to twist the fore end to fit to the stem.

The plans call for 7/8" stock for the bottom planks and 3/8" plywood for the sides. I have milled down some scrap stock (oak and maghony) which I had laying around the shop, for my model. I can only get the planking stock down to 3/32" with my planner, any thinner it starts to chip out.

My intentions are to build a model first and work out any problems which I may incounter with a build.

Thanks for any advise.

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