Sun Shades

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Andy Garrett
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Sun Shades

Post by Andy Garrett » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:17 am

So, I'm getting close to launching this thing--just finishing up with foam, decking, upholstery, etc.

One of the things that has nagged me from the jump is how to provide shade for me and my guests while idle or tied up with other boats. I tell, ya, I've gone through every option that my imagination can muster, from having a custom made bimini top made (there are a few companies who do this), to using a Sport-Brella, to stretched lycra or nylon like you might see on uber-modern buildings or awnings.
The problem is, the Zip is a small boat, and the range of shades that will look good (and let's face it, looking cool is as important as being cool in a custom boat) is very narrow indeed.

Alas, I may have found a simple solution. I'm going to try a rain fly from a dome tent. Specifically, the type of fly that uses its own sectional fiberglass rods that make an 'X' and another rod that goes fore and aft to hold the front and back up. The Coleman 7x7 3-person dome tent looks promising. The fly itself is well sized for the boat, and the rods are extremely flexible, so I should have no problem bring them in a bit to connect with the deck in the manner I choose.

Has anyone tried this? Here is a photo:
Andy Garrett

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Re: Sun Shades

Post by Iggy » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:42 am

You might be underestimating the value of a hat ;)

Just kidding, I think the tent fly is a novel idea, might be a bit of fun to deal with if there is any wind, acting like a big sail. But otherwise, it should work.
Ian (aka Iggy)
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Re: Sun Shades

Post by rbrandenstein » Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:41 pm

Have you looked at the Anchor Shade from Taylor made? It is a square sun umbrella.

I am planning on getting one for my Malahini this summer.
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