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Outboard designs up to 14'

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Re: Robert Greco Zip

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Just beautiful


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Robert Greco
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Re: Robert Greco Zip

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Hi Guys, sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while but in the meantime we did build another boat! (this is definitely the last one, I'm sure you've heard that before!)

To clear up the confusion, you guys are correct, we didn't change the length of the ZIP, but we did move the rear seat forward so the back of the seat is even with the frame. We don't have a problem with water over the transom because we went with a 20" transom and long shaft motor. The boat is not getting much use but I hope to bring it to Tavares for the Sunnyland show this March if I can.

As far as the new boat we built, it is not a Glen-L design but I used the skills I learned with the ZIP and the Tubby Tug to build this one. I found plans on line for a "Sea Gal" that my dad built in 1958 and sold when I was a teen, so of course I convinced him that this is the boat I REALLY wanted all along and we finished it up in 2013, and I even found a motor just like the one he had, a '56 30 HP Johnson.
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Re: Robert Greco Zip

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beautiful. Im running the exact motor.
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Re: Robert Greco Zip

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Buckeyesmith wrote:Here is another picture of Robert's boat.


Very nice arrangement on the cockpit.

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Re: Robert Greco Zip

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Robert. Great looking Zip.
The plans for your Sea gal where did you get them. And were they like the Glen l plans with full size drawings of the frames.
Been looking for something else to build.
Thanks Jeff

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