Squirt build Problem need help

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Re: Squirt build Problem need help

Postby vupilot » Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:42 pm

You should have the Stem/Breasthook at the height indicated on the plans. The notch where the keel will lay into probably will NOT be level front to back when you do this. On the Zip I built it is meant to be that way (I haven't built the squirt). However, the frame DOES need to be plumb. Have you already glued the frame to the stem???

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Re: Squirt build Problem need help

Postby mdweber » Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:25 am

if the stem and frame 2 are not yet glued, you can from the front of the stem down to the required height by pivoting at the point where it meets frame 2. On my build I did not worry about whether the stem's notch for the keel was level when setting the stem. That could be fixed with fairing or adding material.

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Re: Squirt build Problem need help

Postby BayouBengal » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:24 am

Looks like you've got a nice building form and I see that it's all shimmed so that it's level, but I'm not sure from the pictures that your form is screwed down to the cement. You have to do this, that form must not move. If you don't, you'll be fighting misalignment problems the whole way through. Don't worry about your pretty shop floor (and from what I see you have an extremely nice shop), you can fill the holes in the cement once you're done.

Now for the issue you're inquiring about. If it is connected, disconnect the stem from frame 2 and set it aside. If it's glued to frame 2, cut it off and you can reglue it later. Verify or adjust your frames and transom so that they are centered on your building form and level from side to side. Pull a string between frame 2 and the transom to ensure frame 1 is centered. Then line up the frames and transom so that they are all level with each other at the centerline. Lastly, verify or adjust frames so that they are straight up and down vertical (90 degrees) and that the transom is at the required angle specified by the plans (I don't remember what that is). You may have to go through several cycles of adjusting, but in the end your frames and the inside edge of your transom should all be level at the centerline, your frames and transom should all be even from side to side, and your frames should be plumb vertically. Once you have this, screw frame 2 securely to your building form, block in and screw frame 1 to the form, and screw the transom to the form. Screw them, don't just leave them clamped, clamps have a habit of moving and will also get in the way while you're building.

Now with your frames all set to your form, simply set the top of your building form stem support level with the edge of frame 2 and attach the stem.

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Re: Squirt build Problem need help

Postby Roberta » Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:31 pm

Things usually turn out the best when we follow the plans and instructions.

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Re: Squirt build Problem need help

Postby Cabron » Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:20 pm

Looks like you`re doing a fine job. As long as everything is level and your following the
plan measurements to the letter, you shouldn`t have to much difficulty.
Keep it up. 8)

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