steering for tiller motor

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steering for tiller motor

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Hi everyone. I'm building a flying saucer and was planning on rigging steering to a small tiller outboard. I figure if I set it up as a twin cockpit and mount the wheel in the aft section I can control the throttle from the motor. Has anyone else done this? I like the old tiller outboards and plan on keeping hp under 25 . I found a wheel off an old chetek that would look real cool on the boat. Thanks for any ideas :)

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Re: steering for tiller motor

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:D I haven't tried that.once on my old Dorsette Belmont,I put an old v-4 evinrude 60 hp.It was originaly set up with steering wheel but I removed that and carved a big handle out of a chunk of ash and mounted that on motor with big door hinge.still had set up for shift and throttle tho.could hold the motor straight at full throttle with my little finger.but at trolling speed those 4 cylnders really shook. :D
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