Looking into the 13' Fisherman

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Looking into the 13' Fisherman

Postby Boar » Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:30 pm

My wife and I (with one small child) have been wanting a boat for a long time. On a fishing trip, while explaining some reasons I don't own a boat to a guy I know, he mentioned I should look into building my own, as he has built several. That was a year and half ago. I have been looking into them ever since. I have the budget, the space, the time, most importantly the wife's blessing, and I think the skills to build a boat. I am interested in the 13' Fisherman. I like the idea of a open, tiller-steered V bottom boat, in concept. I am nearly certain this is the route I want to go, however, I figured I would touch base with the forum before I begin.
- How many hours should I expect to put into this? Is it reasonable to think 300 hours, or is that too much/little?
- Can this be completed, with a new/used 20 HP outboard under $5k. Tools not included.
- I am a perfectionist when it comes to things I build. It is reasonable to think I can build a good quality boat on my first try? Or is it really one of those skills/arts, where you need to do it many times before you have a good finished product?
- Are there any huge "gotchas" with this build. It seems pretty straight forward.
- What are the recommended extras? Bilge pump, batter, lights, etc, to expect?
- First and foremost, I would like this to be a boat I could take my family on the water. Secondly, I would like it to be a fishing boat. With that said, I live in Hampton Roads, VA. I am concerned about the size and safety of this boat in the surrounding type water. The main reason I haven't gotten a boat (besides not wanting to drop >$10k) is that I can only store a 15' boat reasonably. While a 13' is small, I feel the V bottom would provide more stability, however, I don't want to build something I couldn't take safely in a large river outlet, or perhaps in the bay on a calm day.

I welcome any comments/questions/feedback!

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Re: Looking into the 13' Fisherman

Postby Moeregaard » Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:40 am

The Fisherman is a good choice for a first boat. We built a Zip a few years ago and it was a relatively easy project. By doing one small task per day, the project came together pretty quickly. If you can do basic carpentry, a boat won't be a problem. $5K might be a little optimistic (we have about $8K in the Zip--motor and trailer included), but if you're willing to shop around for a used motor a trailer, and are willing to do any necessary refurbs yourself, you can save a ton of money. Used outboards can be a bargain if they've been maintained.

You'll want to confine your boating to relatively calm waters with the Fisherman. I've had our Zip out on days where the lake started to get rough in the afternoon, and was concerned about shipping water over the transom. These boats are small, and when filled up with people and their stuff, there might not be enough freeboard when the water gets rough. From what you've said about your intended use, some positive hull flotation and a bilge pump might be good things to have.

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Re: Looking into the 13' Fisherman

Postby vupilot » Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:31 am

I agree with Mooregard. A guy in my town built a fisherman. Its very close in size to my Zip but much simpler interior and no deck, that saves a lot of time and money. 300 hours and 5K I think would be best case, no frills boat with thrifty shopping on used motor and trailer. All in I have 9K in my Zip and 733 hours. I think I could do a mostly painted fisherman in 400 ish hours and maybe $6,000.

Yes, you can absolutely achieve a high quality level on your first build.

Small tiller steered boats are big fun.

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