Moveable Building Form

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Bill W
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Moveable Building Form

Post by Bill W »

Now that the sides are on the ZIP, do you think it would be okay to unbolt the form from the garage floor and mount some wheels on it so I can move it around ? Need to make room for other projects.


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Re: Moveable Building Form

Post by BayouBengal »

Yes, definitely.

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Re: Moveable Building Form

Post by PeterG »

Hmm... what other projects could possibly be important enough to draw you away from your boat?

Seriously, with the side planking on, the hull is basically self-supporting or stiff enough to make moveable. Your build fixture is now merely a stand to keep your hull off the floor and at the right working height :lol:
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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Moveable Building Form

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They're right. It is plenty stiff now. The major bending is over.

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