Finishing Zip Hull

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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by BillW »

Jason Q,
That's really beautiful work !

I do think you would be better off if your skeg ended in a long gradual taper, so it would not cause turbulence into the prop, which in turn can cause prop cavitation, and reduced performance. Especially since the skeg ends fairly close to the ransom.

For a picture of a really well-designed skeg, go to the Powerboats section and down about 20 threads to Zip Help Needed, by Hotsaws.


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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by JimmY »

Nice work. You may not want to fiberglass your skeg. It will be easier to repair if you hit something if it is not glassed. I used white oak for mine, and just encapsulated it.
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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by Bill Edmundson »

Yes, rub rails, spray rails, guards, and skegs are considered expendable don't glass them.

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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by vupilot »

My skeg ends fairly abruptly and it causes no problems. I think mine is taller than yours too so I dont think youll have any issues. Did not fiberglass it either.

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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by JasonQ »

Thanks. That is one less step before I can start painting. My skeg is 4ft long starts 2ft from the transom and tampers from 2" to 1". It is rounded over on the both sides. It is really close to the recommended size in the zip plans but shorter. Thank you all, your advice is always appreciated.

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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by JasonQ »

First coat of primer done! It is getting really close to flip day. I am excited to get to work. This is a difficult part of the build, because I am motivated to work but I am stuck waiting for paint to dry. One coat at a time!

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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by DrBryanJ »

Looking good Jason :!:

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Re: Finishing Zip Hull

Post by joshuab »

So much of your build reminds me of mine, looking really good :)
I cut twice and it's still too short :mrgreen:

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