Converting Vintage Tiller Motor to Remote Throttle/Steering

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Converting Vintage Tiller Motor to Remote Throttle/Steering

Post by beast » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:42 am

I am new to this forum. Just picked this up at auction. Apparently the second of 2 made. Plywood/fiberglass. Owner told me he had an 18 hp motor on it and it went over 40 mph. I have a 1950's johnson 10 hp that I may put on it. Can anybody walk me thru parts & procedure for converting this motor to remote steering and throttle? There was a post that said it was not difficult but I could not find any details or parts list

I am located in Kitchener Ontario Canada

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Re: Converting Vintage Tiller Motor to Remote Throttle/Steering

Post by JimmY » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:04 pm

Looks like you picked up a Squirt. I don't know about 40 with an 18hp, I'm only getting 22mph with a 1957 Johnson 18hp. 10hp might be fine for the kids.

If you have an old Johnson (OMC) motor, the conversion should be straight forward. You just need the control cables (2) and cable ends and a bracket that locks on to the tiller yoke. I recommend a new Teleflex cable, but this will require some modifications to make it work. The other option is the old pull-pull cables and pulleys, but many say they are unsafe if a cable breaks.
If you don't have clips on the motor, you'll need those as well.
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Plenty of parts for old OMC motors on Ebay and elsewhere.
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