caravan fridge on a boat

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caravan fridge on a boat

Post by Maheph »

Having read on another thread about a gas fridge on a boat has made me wonder about a 'three way' caravan fridge on one. I understand that there are problems with them on gas if not level so that limits them but they can also run off 12v or mains. You can get one off eBay for > $100 so much cheaper than boat stuff. Also you could probably strip out the guts and use them in an icebox.
Has anyone done this?

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Re: caravan fridge on a boat

Post by Locutus »

I recommend getting something like an Engel and enough solar panels and batteries to support it instead. Aside from the leveling issue, since the RV units run on propane, you'd have the potential for a quite literally explosive situation on your hands. Propane is heavier than air so there's no where for it to go but your bilge and cabin if there is a leak. It's not unheard of for boats to explode when the galley stove is lit. Try googling propane explosions on boats if you're curious.

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