Heat gun and HDPE.

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Heat gun and HDPE.

Post by thudpucker »

Regarding Tool box, Electrical Switch boards and a hundred other things.
Have any of you converted a Hair Blow Dryer to blow 350 Degrees? :wink:

I see we can completely Re-work HDPE.
Chop up Milk cartons and other Food containers. Put them in the Oven (not your wife's oven) down in the Barn. Turn it up to 350 degrees.
Keep working the stuff till you get the shape you want.
Let it cool, and etc... So all the thinking is done for us, all I gotta do now is come up with a 350 degree oven.

Well, how about a 350 Degree Heat gun? :D
How about re-doing the Wife's Hair Blow Dryer to get 350 degrees? :lol:
That would be for Welding the rolled pieces of 'Blue Barrell' HDPE.
Also those Traffic Bbl's, the bright Orange one's. They are HDPE as well.

I made a whole electrical console in my other Jon boat out of some Blue Bbl pieces.
Switches on top, under a flip up top.
Fuses next, also under a flip up top.
And in the bottom, that spaghetti scramble of wires.
All out of some old Barrell pieces.
I sold that boat.

Maybe some pieces of an old Cut-up Fiberglass boat? :mrgreen:

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Re: Heat gun and HDPE.

Post by matt167 »

A heat gun with a 350* heat setting is going to cost less than your wifes hair dryer and the beat down you will get from tweaking her good dryer

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