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Rotary Shaper

Post by Roberta »

Here's a nice little tool for shaping wood parts using a drill press. Shaves the wood instead of sanding so there is less dust. Haven't used this, but I think I will get one. ...

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Re: Rotary Shaper

Post by jprice »

I got one a while back when I was building frames. Works a lot better than a sanding drum for cleaning up the curved edges. Except any areas where it gets close to end grain, not too effective there. (at least not on white oak)

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Re: Rotary Shaper

Post by John K »

I have used these in a hand drill and they worked very well. In strong woods, like oak and walnut, they do take longer, but still faster than sanding.

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Re: Rotary Shaper

Post by Bill Edmundson »

And! They make one heck of a cheese grater!

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Re: Rotary Shaper

Post by Lowka53 »

8) interesting tool I never ran into that one looks like it would work good. I could like the fact the it does not have paper that will tear in use before it is worn out
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