Rudder Packing Nut Tightening

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Rudder Packing Nut Tightening

Post by garrys »

Following my Monaco's collision with an unmarked "rock", I now have all the repairs complete. Before I cover everything back up I need to appropriately tighten the packing nuts on the shaft log and the rudder post. The most logical plan would be to put it into the water, fire it up, drive it around some, and look for leaks....tightening as needed to yield about 1 drop of water per minute. However, in order to "run" the boat I need to re-instal the fuel tank, which completely blocks any visibility to the rudder, and certainly prohibits any adjustment of the packing nut if needed. You simpy can't gain access to that area when the fuel tank is installed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on an initial torque value I should be using for this rudder packing nut?

Garry Stout

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Re: Rudder Packing Nut Tightening

Post by Oyster »

With a rudder, you should not get any issues with heating like you get with an overtightened stuffing box anyway. Just snug it up and float the boat and look at the rudder log and then use the normal procedure for your shaft log of drip and tighten as needed. I take it that you can get to the shaft log stuffing box anyway.

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Re: Rudder Packing Nut Tightening

Post by brucegseidner »

I am sorry. I thought this was an issue of budgeting for the cost of good rudder packing. I have nothing other than best wishes and good luck to offer.

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Re: Rudder Packing Nut Tightening

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Snug it down. Check your steering. If it's smooth and loose, tighten a little more. If it tight, back off.

Well, that's what I'm going to try. I can get to mine. It is a lot of trouble. And, I'm leaking now (When it is the water.).

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