Go it in the water

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Go it in the water

Post by funder13 »

We finished our Wee Hunk last month and put it in its element. We keep getting stopped by people asking what kind of boat it is, and educate them on the provenance of the boat - "my garage" and the builders - "my son and I". (We never fail to credit Glen-L, naturally.) Indeed, the comments have been largely favorable to ecstatic: "You built yourselves? I love you guys!" This from a guy fishing at the boat ramp... Indeed, in Northeast Florida's procession of white sided plastic boats, the blue hulls and dory lines are distinctive. We haven't decided on a name, but have a couple good options.

The boat performs well, keeping us dry and safe, and drives well, getting onto plane quickly.

We manufactured the sheers out of pieces cut from a 18' piece of 2x6 so we didn't have to scarf. We also changed the sheer pattern, making a "sandwich" of the plywood hull sides. My son stained it, with my forgetting that oil based stains are not compatible with epoxy...then he had to sand it all off when the epoxy didn't cover well.

The only real issue was painting the bottom - the process revealed that either 1) I can't paint (likely) or 2) the paints were not cooperating. My wife, enduring my torment over the bad painting, finally said, "Enough painting. We are going to flip the boat over Saturday." So we did.
My son sweeping the boat after sanding.
My son sweeping the boat after sanding.
The interior - asymmetrical consoles designed by my son.
The interior - asymmetrical consoles designed by my son.
On the water after a year.
On the water after a year.
We managed to ding the bottom when a roller on the trailer came apart, but no harm.

Sadly, after about 3 weeks of sea trials and use, the outboard we bought used has died. Back to Craigslist!

Jeff and Nathan Funderburk
Jacksonville Fl
Lucky 13 Marine Services, LLC

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by jeffh »

Congratulations! It sure looks nice. With all the boats in FL, it has to make you feel good that yours gets singled out for complements and questions. Good show! BTW, hope you find a new engine.
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Re: Go it in the water

Post by Roberta »

Looks Great!!! What a wonderful feeling it must be to launch your new boat. Hopefully I will be doing that in a month.

Roberta :D :D :D
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Re: Go it in the water

Post by upspirate »

Looks great!

Get the same model motor, then you'll have spare parts.....it helps!! :wink:

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by khundley »

Great job, congrats on the launch!
Ken Hundley

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by DaveLott »

Wow - no wonder you got the looks

Now, the big question. It is not official until it debuts at the Gathering. That is the NEW rule.

So see you in September at Lake Nickajack


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Re: Go it in the water

Post by Onplane »

Very nice. Looks very sleek!

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by kens »

I gotta see this. :D :lol: :D
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Re: Go it in the water

Post by greg27 »

about what was the cost on the boat?

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by red »

congrats on the launch ! great job !

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by thinwater »

Looks great, I'm right behind you, took me a year and 2 months so far. Tell me how it feels on the water that first time. I can't wait.

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Re: Go it in the water

Post by cbrammer »

That is a very cool look boat you built. Gratz!
Charles Brammer

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