Pictures of the Monte Carlo

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Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by dsolaro »

I had promised pictures of the Monte Carlo "MERCOLEDI" over the weekend, and now have a few that I was able to transfer to this computer. I have a short checklist in order to get this in the water for the official launching on June 9th.

1. fix a small fuel leak in the vent line that was discovered this weekend.
2. get the boat into the local dealer to have the impeller changed and motor run through the paces.
3. get the mussel inspection for Lake Tahoe.
4. hope the weather cooperates.
5. pray that it floats and have fun.

That should just about cover it.
cockpit final.JPG
side final.JPG
overall from above final.JPG
Dave Solaro
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fergal butler
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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by fergal butler »

She looks stunning well done. Enjoy :D

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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by jamundsen »

One good looking boat!!!!
John Amundsen
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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by jeffh »

That's a beautiful boat. Lake Tahoe seems quite appropriate for a boat like that. I am still amazed that so many people can build a great boat like that and only have a handful of posts in the forum. Again, congratulations and take more photos when you launch her.
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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by DaveLott »

Holy Moly. Great job

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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by BruceDow »

Very nice.

I love the front cockpit seating arrangement... very innovative

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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by SeaPea »

Stunning! Very inspirational, hope I can come close to my Riviera looking that classy!



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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by khundley »

Beautiful boat!
Ken Hundley

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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by vupilot »

Thanks for posting the pictures. What an amazing accomplishment. That is a big, beautiful boat.

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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by vettepilot »

Very Very nice :!: :!: :mrgreen: Very similiar upholstery set up I'm thinking of doing...Well Done :!:
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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by DanaOverall »

Dana Overall
Richmond, KY

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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by Roberta »

WOW!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Roberta :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by slug »

Absolutely beautifull! An interesting touch on the cutwater also.


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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by rbrandenstein »

Great job! Good luck on the launch. Take some videos of the boat in action.

You know it will float since you built, sanded and sealed every inch of the hull. Don't forget to put in drain plugs if you have them.
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Re: Pictures of the Monte Carlo

Post by Redmayo »

DaveLott wrote:Holy Moly. Great job
David. Took a look at "Midnight Cry" and WOW! Incredible job and, absolutley, love the insperation for the build, the name and the reloctaion to God's country. Blessings.....bert

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