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Re: Monaco Caper

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Millhouse, ... chevy.aspx

Step 1 Review attached drawing
Step 2 Install 540-160104 seat into the thermostat housing, as shown in Figure A in the
attached drawing. Use 540-160105 locking ring to hold in place.
Step 3 Install 540-160101 thermostat into the intake manifold.
Step 4 Apply high tack gakset sealant to 620-04112 gasket and install on intake manifold.
Step 5 Install 540-160103 on top of the thermostat
Step 6 Install 540-160102 valve into the spring
Step 7 Install thermostat housing using the supplied 3/8-16 bolts and washers. Torque t0
25 inch pounds.
Step 8 Install (2) tees in the front water inlet locations as shown, (2) ½” NPT to hose brass tees are supplied in the kit.
Step 9 Run a bypass hose from one end of each tee to one of the TOP ports of the thermostat housing as shown. These bypass hoses flow water to the exhaust when the thermostat is closed.
Step 10 The engine water outlet ports are the BOTTOM (2) ports on the thermostat housing.
Plumb these lines to the exhaust or overboard discharge, (the same way they were
before you installed the thermostat unit). That’s all there is to it. Your engine will now operate in the proper temperature range resulting in better idle, better fuel economy, more power, and longer engine component life

raw water schematic information.jpg

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Re: Monaco Caper

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Fred that is great info!

I had not considered a thermostat because the engine did not have one originally but it seems like a good idea.

As to not hijack your thread I have posted pictures / diagrams of the previous and proposed thermostat approaches on my 327 here If you can take a look and let me know what you think that would be great.

Thanks again!
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