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Glen L 15 Hardware & Rigging

Post by Kelsey »

Hi everyone, Im building the Glen l 15 sailboat. Im completely new to sailing. Im making a wooden mast and spar. Im getting the sail made locally. Would I need the Hardware kit for wooden mast deluxe/standard and the rigging kit? And would I save if I were to buy source out and buy the pieces? Im thinking of buying Glen L's hardware and rigging. Im sure its good quality. Any thoughts or expirences would be appreciated!

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Re: Glen L 15 Hardware & Rigging

Post by AaronStJ »

You're posting in the power boat section. In the future, you'll probably have better luck in the sailboat forum (although honestly, all of us pretty much all read the entire site :lol:).

Yes, you'll need both the rigging kit and one of the hardware kits. The rigging kit looks like it has the bits you'll need for the stays ( ... tr17a.html) as well as all the lines (ropes). The hardware kits have all the (countless) other pulleys/cleats/doodads you need to make a sailboat work.

Whether you can source everything you need cheaper locally really depends on where you are (the answer to a lot of question you might ask depends on where you are; it's a good idea to put your location in your profile). However, if you're new to sailing, buying the kit seems like a really good way to simplify the problem making sure you have all the right bits. I rigged an 8 foot dinghy from sourced parts a couple of years ago, and that was already shockingly complicated (and expensive). Sailboats have rather a lot of parts to source and put together.

As far as cost specifically, I'm not very familiar with Glen L's hardware kits, but if they're anything like the fastening kits, they're a very good deal, and extremely hard to beat, price-wise.

You didn't ask, but: looking at the description for the standard vs deluxe hardware kits, it looks like the deluxe kit has slightly fancier hardware for the jib and mainsheets. These might make sense for high-performance racing (what do you have any time there are two sailboats on the water? A race), but they'll be overkill (and confusing) when you're learning to sail. Opinions may differ, but I'd stick with the standard (cheaper) kit.

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