Geronimo - puttying, sanding sheathing

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Geronimo - puttying, sanding sheathing

Postby bobinpowayca » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:46 pm

Howdy, I've got one side on my Geronimo. It looks pretty good to me overall, I did two butt joints and they seem pretty flush. I used my impact screwdriver and 1" bronze screws, I found that with only a 1/16" hole in the okoume (mainly as a guide) and no pilot hole in my white oak chine and sheer, I could drive them in to just below the surface (no countersink). I didn't break any screws, went right into the oak.
But on the butt joints, where joining the two 3/8" pieces of the ply and butt, many of the screws "spun out" even with no pilot in the butt piece. So I left it all "as-is" while the epoxy set up. Then when I tried to remove them, some came out and some the head of the screws stripped out. So I have some empty holes, some bronze screw heads a little above the surface, and a couple small areas I want to putty to fill a gap, a low spot here and there,etc.
I have used Elmers wood filler in a tube for the holes on the first panel. I have also used Elmers structural wood repair, in other areas - it's very hard, sands well but very very expensive and maybe a little too stiff to fill shallow areas.
The exposed bronze screw heads sand very well.
But the issue here is once the holes etc are filled and you're sanding it would be very easy to sand too much off the good faces of the panels between the joints, and around screw heads, epoxy joints, etc, the "raised grain effect". I once sanded a fir plywood deck too much and the surface turned out like a relief map. I am using my "sanding board" a 1/4" 3x21 board to glue sanding belts on.
So, any suggestions on a good wood filler, to fill holes, gaps and smooth enough to level out low spots (I'm talking just a few square inches here)? Like doing auto body work using a bondo like putty?
Also, anyone have a favorite tool for bringing down a bronze screw head to just below the ply surface? I've tried a forstner bit, doesn't work, and my disc grinder cuts too big a swath in the surrounding wood.
Thanks folks, hope to see you at Lake Powell. Bob
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