Malahini side planking questions

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Malahini side planking questions

Post by obd »

The instructions for butt-joining sideplank members show a vertical joint. Is there any reason why this joint couldn't be at an angle, say 45 degrees? I am planning a bright finish and this might allow for a stylish way to hide the seams with some custom paint stripes. I am also considering veneering the sides. Does anyone know of a reference/resource/blog that covers this process in detail? Sort of a "hull veneering for dummies" :D . I understand the basic process but have simple questions like how to space the staples, how the added 1/8 veneer affects the chine/bottom junction, and is it ok to veneer just the sides and not the bottom? As always, thank-you for thoughts, opinions and advice. Bob

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Re: Malahini side planking questions

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Bob; Here's the method I used to install my planks. I used an aluminum strip for my measuring guide, but thin ply will work. Aluminum is nice as the marks wipe off with thinner. I'd go with straight butt joints as you're trying to replicate a solid traditional plank hull. I fastened the marking stick down with 3/8" screws as the holes will be covered.

Hope thie helps, Doug

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Re: Malahini side planking questions

Post by Roberta »

Nothing wrong with using an angle cut for the butt joint. You may need to use a longer butt block and will need to be wary of where the framing is to avoid a having to work around them. I veneered my Zip with 1/8" mahogany. Staple spacing is basically wherever needed to secure the planking. Less in flat areas, more where the curves are more severe. I used metal staples and had to pull them out. If you can afford it, get an Omer stapler and the Raptor plastic staples. You can sand the tops off and stain the tiny legs that may remain. Or get brown staples.

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