Bon Voyage out of plywood

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Bon Voyage out of plywood

Postby Lowka53 » Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:20 pm

:? the problem with having so many delays in my build it gives me to much time to think about it.
I had plans of greatly modifying the jubilee by increasing the beam and lengthening it. In this case i think the time I have had has made me change my mind about doing this risky mod. instead I think i will go to a different hull that is closer to the size I want it will still be a gravely hull but designed larger it will save me doing many mods on the build. I am hopping i can still use the pieces I have already completed if not I will salvage as much as I can. I plan now to use the Bon Voyage hull ... ducts/165/ I think this will be a better fit on what I want and all the mods other than the cabin area are already made for me. this is the second hull change since I started this project :roll: :wink: at least I am not to far into the build. I am still waiting for the blue prints for my shop but even if i get them I will not be able to start the build of the shop till next spring. winter is not that far away here. not enough time to get things in the ground before the freeze starts here not good to pour concrete in cold weather since none of the excavation has been done yet due to lack of blue prints and building permits if i was very lucky I might be able to get the foundation in but not likely. I will be changing the build thread name I still have to order the prints from Gale I plan on keeping the Jubilee prints I just might make it latter for resale or rental house boats are a big thing here and good market for them.
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