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Re: Wet Exhaust thoughts

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I would not go inside the pipe, you already have a very small outlet and that would restrict it even more. Me, I'd get some new outlets made slightly bigger with some parallel pipe poking out to which you can attach elbows as required. That way you could change them if they got damaged, or change the angle to fine tune things.
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Re: Wet Exhaust thoughts

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Spring for some new exhaust tips that are sized to your exhaust risers and extend a couple of inches from the transom.
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Re: Wet Exhaust thoughts

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Whatever size the exhaust manifold elbow, is the size to run all the way.
So, if your elbow is 3 1/2", then you need to run 3 1/2" minimum all the way to transom and out the tips.

This might be your performance issue with a restricted exhaust,, high back pressure.
Remember that wet exhaust not only carries engine exhaust, but, must carry all the cooling water also.
Marine exhaust always looks bigger than automotive exhaust. Marine engines typically run higher power longer periods of time, and dump all the cooling water into the exhaust as well. The exhaust run has to accommodate all this.
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