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Hi, I'm Dave and a new member. I'm in Australia and seriously considering the Thunderbolt for my ist Glen-L experience. I have viewed the Thunderbolt numerous times and more than anything, extremely interested in the display model of J H from Bethany OK - not sure of the protcols for displaying full names at this stage so please excuse me. If J H is available I would greatly appreciate info on the mods mad to the stern etc. This info may help me cross the line for my ist plan purchase. Thanks

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Re: Thunderbolt

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Dave: Welcome to the Glen-L forum. You may wish to contact Glen-L directly to find more about that particular builder. Might be they received that photo many years ago and lost contact.

As far as modifications made at the stern, it looks to me that particular Thunderbolt is built as per the plans. The plans have two options: a slanted stern or a vertical stern. It's up to the builder which to choose. Most build the slanted stern as it is a unique design feature and pleasing to the eye.

The only deviation from plan I see in that particular build is that the carling wraps all the way around (a common mod). The plans I have show it ending along the sides.

Hope you go for it! Would be good to see your build.



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Re: Thunderbolt

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Many of us have become friends over the years, Gatherings and often us first names on the forum. We'll use full names sometimes if it is their "Stage Name". We discourage putting your e-mail address on the forum. If you need that kind of info send the other member a PM, personal mail, and exchange that there.

You may want to go to the Australian Gathering next month and meet a great group of people! I went last year and wish I could do it again.

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