Geronimo - epoxy finish coats

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Geronimo - epoxy finish coats

Postby bobinpowayca » Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:55 am

Well I've gotten two encapsulating coats of silver tip epoxy on, sanding between coats with 80 grit. Then I just got the last piece of 7oz fiberglass on (I decided to do the sides first Bill). I think I may have been getting it on pretty thick because at this point I've used most of two 1.5 gallon kits!
So now I'm getting ready to put on the "fill the weave" coat of epoxy, then maybe an additional coat before paint.
By the way I've done all the sanding on the hull by hand with 80 grit paper, using my sanding boards on the flat areas and rubber block sanders on the rest, easier to control the dust and seems to go pretty well and leave fair surfaces. Here's some petty concerns -
I'm attaching pictures of the transom corner and bow, you can see I overlapped the cloth between 3 and four inches each way. So on the corners of the chine, stem, transom I have a "double" thickness of cloth, and past the overlapping edges, just the single cloth the rest of the hull.
So now the idea is to sand down the overlapping edge enough to get rid of the "ridge" at the edge of the cloth, without cutting in to the cloth where it is only a single layer. I am real nervous about sanding thru the adjoining cloth cause it's only 7oz to begin with.
Also, even tho silver tip doesn't blush, since it may be a couple weeks between coats, and since silver tip is only supposed to be recoated without sanding within 72hrs, you're supposed to lightly sand the hull where the cloth is only one thickness before the "weave filling" coat.
But I'm thinking - just sand the edges of the cloths just a little and go ahead and put this weave filling coat on without sanding the whole boat - since the cloth is already on, I'd rather go ahead and put another coat on the last resin coat (putting the cloth on) rather than lightly sanding over the areas of one thickness, and damaging the integrity of the fiberglass. In other words, just apply another coat of resin without sanding, even tho it's been a week or two, so as not to damage the cloth. How do you folks do it? Bob
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