transom frame batten notches

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transom frame batten notches

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After a solid day of happily cutting frame notches, the beveled transom notches through me for a loop. I had my first, hopefully relatively minor, screw-up. The keel notch went well but, in spite of my efforts, I managed to cut a few of the batten notches about 1/8th of an inch too deep. I believe I could add a shim, add fairing material or cut a new transom frame piece and start over. Any advice? In general, are there any guidelines as to when fairing material or thickened epoxy will suffice for mistakes vs adding wood.

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Re: transom frame batten notches

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I've used epoxy with fiber filler to "fix" many things.

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Re: transom frame batten notches

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Small shim will work, too. Manytimes a small shim or fairing away material will keep the fair lines of the boat. Just remember to glue both sides of the shim.

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Re: transom frame batten notches

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1/8 inch is not enough to warrant recutting a frame just butter up the shim wit epoxy.

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