Looking for current houseboat builders

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Looking for current houseboat builders

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I received an email and phone call as follows below. This gal is looking for someone currently building a houseboat. I sent her links to several past builders as well as Lowka53. If there's anyone else who's interested that is currently building one, please email her: zarapowell@windfallfilms.com

My name is Zara Powell, I’m a researcher at Windfall Films, an award-winning television company based in the UK, specialising in history, science and engineering documentaries. I am currently working on a series called “My Floating Home”, about the construction of homes on water, for FYI Network (USA) and HGTV Canada.

We’re featuring 13 homes being built - this includes houseboats, floating home, and other kinds of liveaboards. I was wondering whether I could speak to you about your houseboat plans - if you know anyone who is currently building to them, or even if you are yourselves! It be really interesting to feature someone who is building from plans, but perhaps is putting their own spin on it, or something similar. I’d be happy to give you a call whenever is convenient for you.

Many thanks for all your help in advance,

Best regards,


Zara Powell

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