Wwrd -what would Roberta do

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Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by benpetre »

I think I cut my notch to deep for the sheer on one frame symmetrically. It looks like there won't be enough material to fair properly. However, all other frames look good. So- can I add a strip from the frame before to the frame after to build up the material at the bad frame and taper it into the good?
Frame with not enough to fair
Frame with not enough to fair
Good frame
Good frame
Wider shot of both.
Wider shot of both.
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Re: Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by BayouBengal »

No idea what Roberta would do, but I would do just as you're describing. Laminate a strip around that frame and plane it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the sheer. The issue you need to consider is you may end up with your sheer not being fair. Make sure that after you add the lamination and plane it, that you can bend a test batten around it and not have any gaps (meaning that you have a fair curve).

Of course, if Roberta responds with something different, you probably should take her advice over mine.

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Re: Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by chugalug »

:D Maybe you could saw out epoxy from joint with ossilator saw and add small piece in back of it,then glue back in .
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Re: Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by DrBryanJ »

I agree with Chug. I had the same problem and that is what I did. (Sorry no picture.) It makes the rest of the shear flow smoothly.

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Re: Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by Roberta »

I would also saw out the joint and shim out the shear. Adding material to the outside of the shear is difficult to fair in smoothly. Shimming it out will maintain a smooth shear line. It is really pretty easy to saw out those joints.

Roberta :D
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Re: Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by bob smith »

I agree, saw them out and shim from the back.
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Re: Wwrd -what would Roberta do

Post by hoodman »

We should get some WWRD bracelets made up.

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