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Trailer options

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Getting closer to needing a trailer for my Belle Isle. I know there are several custom trailer manufacturers around but I have an opportunity to get a MasterCraft trailer pretty cheap. It's only 2 years old and has very little use. It already has things like LED lights and spare tire. It's obviously built for an onboard boat as well.

My question is... Do you think the bunks can be rebuilt to match my hull? I'm not scared of cutting, grinding and welding.

The MasterCraft boat it was intended for is 23.5'. My boat is 23', so it sounds about right.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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Re: Trailer options

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Just to give you an idea. For my Tahoe, my rear bunks extend 4' past the end of the trailer frame. They are pulled in as close as possible. This is 4'. The axle is pushed back as far as it will go. You need about a 10% tongue weight.

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Re: Trailer options

Post by sands35 »

Most trailers have bolt on parts.

You can get new bunk braces for not much and even move the axles if you need to.

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Re: Trailer options

Post by psychobilly »

My MasterCraft trailer has adjustable bunks. If you search in here you will see where I rebuilt it. It shows the adjustable bunk heights. Not to mention my trailer is a '92 and still in great condition.

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