Highschool Riviera Build Project

Designs for inboard or outboard power

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Re: Highschool Riviera Build Project

Post by mrintense » Thu May 24, 2018 7:30 am

Perhaps you can just modify the cover rather than remake. It's going to be a box regardless. Add some curved corners and or exterior trim pieces. You might be surprised. Looking great so far.
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Re: Highschool Riviera Build Project

Post by 18shamic » Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:42 pm

Its been awhile since I have posted an update. Since last summer, not much has happened - I have the subdeck on, I have the entire Interior built out - I am waiting on the upholstry, and I have the engine rewired - this leaves a relatively short list of things to do before this summer, Including:

  • Alternator/Front of the engine
  • Throttle/shift cables
  • Rudder
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard Wiring
  • Exhaust Tubing and Tips
  • Encapsulation of interior
  • Fuel tank & Plumbing
  • Carpet
  • Bilge Pumps & Weepholes
  • Decking
  • Chrome Fixtures

While this is a large list, once again I have cleared a three week period of my time at the end of the year at the beginning of the summer to work on the boat. Last year I was able to accomplish a considerable amount in that time; which is why I am confident in my ability to complete the boat this year. I think I should be able to get the boat running and driving at some point before the end of summer, with next years task being the fit and finish of the boat; the swim platform, wooden trim pieces, drawers & cubbyholes, mahogany floors, etc. I haven't had much time to work on the boat since I have been away at college - but I plan to continue working when I am home for breaks; I plan to get the rudder installed and encapsulate a large portion of the interior by the end of winter break. Thank you for all your wisdom and support these last few years.


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