Highschool Riviera Build Project

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Re: Highschool Riviera Build Project

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Oops my bad - I made the videos public. You should be able to see them now!
I too hope that the woodshops open soon. As of right now, I am talking to one of my professors about getting access to the school's woodshop but it is not looking good. I hope we are able to take it out for sea trials once before this season is over - over the next winter we will probably repaint, get a new trailer, and do the upholstery: which would be the final steps to the build.


Here are the two links from the previous page - so that you don't have to go back to get them.



Thank you!

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Re: Highschool Riviera Build Project

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18shamic wrote:I wonder if my engine temps will get lower, once it is in the water since there will be more water moving through the system than our garden hose can provide.
Here's how to increase your water supply :
  • Image
Click the image and scroll down to Dry Dock Testing.

Boat is looking good ! Keep up the good work !


Click Image to see video.

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Re: Highschool Riviera Build Project

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18shamic wrote:
Thu Jun 25, 2020 11:43 am
I was pleasantly surprised at just how quiet the engine was: the loudest thing inside the boat was the fuel pump!
Wow, just watched the videos, that is quiet, Mine sounds like Paul's :)

If you have an electric fuel pump and want to isolate so it does not vibrate as much making it a bit quieter consider adding some rubber isolation bushings: https://www.mcmaster.com/rubber-bumpers ... ch-mounts/
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