Malahini chine /sheer questions

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Malahini chine /sheer questions

Post by obd »

I opted for triple laminations for my chine. I am using sapele and read where others had some difficulty bending the sapele. The laminations bend and conform with wonderful ease. I have 2 questions for those experienced with laminations. 1. Is it better to glue and screw the first lamination to the stem and frames and then epoxy additional lams to build out the chine or try to clamp, bend and epoxy all the lams together before final glue and screw to stem and frames?(does it matter?) 2. is it ok to skip the scarf joints in the chine and sheer since butt joints will all be backed by adjacent lams? Thanks guys! I really appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge out there!

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Re: Malahini chine /sheer questions

Post by vupilot »

I did my Zip in two laminations each. I really like doing these in laminations. There really isn't a wrong way really. But If it were me I would glue and screw the first lamination in place then just epoxy and clamp the next laminations. You should be sure not to hit any screws when fairing later on that way.

If you can get the lam to stem joint in place and screwed and glued you can probably do the entire rest of the lamination with just epoxy and clamping and come back after the fact to put screws in but at that point screws aren't really needed. The epoxy is already doing the work but sometimes it makes people feel better having mechanical fastenings as well but in theory they are only needed to hold things together while the epoxy sets so that's why I would just do it the way I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Yes, you should be fine overlapping your laminations instead of scarfing. I would try to make the overlaps in the relatively straight aft half of the boat.

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Re: Malahini chine /sheer questions

Post by Roberta »

Ditto on Vupilot's comments.
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Re: Malahini chine /sheer questions

Post by DrBryanJ »

I also did my shear and chine in 2 laminations. The first I scarf joined the second I butt joined. I am also using sapele and was able to bend by wrapping in a towel and pouring boiling water over towel. Left for ten minutes. bends were no problem. I think I screwed all laminations. I remember hitting screws with my plane and having to grind the blade and resharpen

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