geronimo's dash

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geronimo's dash

Postby bobinpowayca » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:08 pm

Howdy, I'm working on my dashboard - one inch african mahogany coating with epifanes high gloss. I want to cut the holes in it for the gauges and install it. Probably won't get the gauges until I'm further along in the build. But it will be better to drill the holes with my drill press before installing it than it would be after it's in. I have a couple of questions.
As to the speedometer - what are the pluses and negatives of getting a GPS speedometer vs. the ones with the pitot tubes? I understand that the GPS is speed over ground vs. water -but I expect to use the boat on lakes and bays mostly, so not much current.
I will probably get either the evinrude 90 e-tec or similar Mercury next year. I don't know about the gauges that come with the motor but I would like to have at least four nice gauges mounted in my dash - I'm thinking larger speedo and tach and two smaller gauges - any recommendations on what gauges would be useful, like fuel, temp, volts etc?
Also I'm wondering about the actual hole sizes to cut for the gauges and steering wheel - are there standard hole sizes for "2 inch", "3 inch" gauges, and the wheel, or does it vary by manufacturer? Guess I need to decide on the gauges first and call the manufacturers.
Thanks for your thoughts. Bob
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Re: geronimo's dash

Postby Bill Edmundson » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:15 pm


Pitot is pretty much useless, no accuracy. I checked against GPS and it was so far off it has no use. I now just look at the tach. and know that I get about 1 mph per 100 rpm. That is much more accurate than the pitot.

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Re: geronimo's dash

Postby rbrandenstein » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:30 pm

I agree, a pitot is pretty useless. Doesn't work well at lower speeds, plus you have to drill a hole and run the tubing. The Faria GPS is nice in that everything is contained in one unit. I believe some have separate antennas.
I think fuel and volts are good to have. You could also consider oil pressure and temperature. Depending on engine and age, you may or may not have this available.
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Re: geronimo's dash

Postby Roberta » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:16 pm

Different gage MFGs often vary the hole size. Most gage MFGs will supply hole sizes for their gages and some have downloadable templates. The helm MFGs will also supply mounting info and templates. The Faria GPS speedometer is very nice and is self contained without the need of an external antenna. The Teleflex (SeaStar) GPS speedo I had in the Zip needed and external antenna, but the Faria I have in the Torpedo does not and works Great! A lot less expensive, too.

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Re: geronimo's dash

Postby Jimbob » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:31 am

Here's what I did. I didn't want the dashboard to be on a permanent structure as the dash beam, so my dashboard is removable. It attaches to the deck beam from the back with bolts going into inserts on the back of the dashboard. (no visual means of attachment). I added a small beam in front of the dashboard for the crash pad so it is 1" in front of the dashboard. The dashboard slides up between the small beam and the dash beam.

Got my gauges from classic instruments including a GPS speedo. I would never have a boat again with the pressure hose speedo setup. They are always flipping up if you hit a small stick or anything. If you will look carefully at the gauges, you will see an hour meter instead of an odometer. As I recall the hole for the small gauges are 2", and the large gauges are 3" in diameter.

This is the dash beam which is added to the frame on my boat. With cutouts to clear the guages.
Guage layout on MDF pattern template.
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