Squirt w/ jet power

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Squirt w/ jet power

Postby rossi201 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:48 pm

hello all, I have been a long time viewer but never posted until I felt there was something I could contribute.

this is the first Glen-l design I have attempted, but not my first boat; however it is my first true power boat.

this is a "practice" boat for my dream boat of the Ken Hakinson Chris-Craft 18' Barrelback!

my list of boats I have built is...
a 12' ceder strip sailing dinghy by Compumarine (Classic Dinghy)
a 18' ceder strip canoe
a 12' glued lapstrake by John Brooks (Ellen)
a 18' weekender by Stevensons

I have also restored a Pearson Electra and am currently working on a 1958 Del Mar cabin cruiser.

I am currently working on a jet powered version of the Glen-L Squirt. I got a sacrificial 750cc jet ski and cut off everything to the strakes while leaving the motor mounts in place. I extended the boat to 12' and epoxied the remaining hull off the ski onto the hull of the Squirt.

after skinning the bottom and sides with plywood, and multiple layers of epoxy and glass I skinned the sides with mahogany strips and am currently working on making them glow.
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skip 1.jpg
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