First build - Bolero, Bandido or Cruise Missile

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First build - Bolero, Bandido or Cruise Missile

Post by JasonC » Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:58 pm

Greetings from New Zealand!

This is my first post, apart from my intro post yesterday.
Ok, so I have narrowed my choice down to the above 3 boats. Reading through the forums here, there don't seem to have been very many of them built.

I'm looking for some advise on the relative complexity of the different models. Both the Bolero and Bandido can be made from ply, whereas the Cruise Missile is foam core construction.

To be honest, I'm kinda taken with the Cruise Missile, I think it would suit our coastal waters around Auckland very well. However, foam core construction is rather alien to me. I've built cars in the past, and I've helped my neighbour with the build of his 16 foot ply ski boat, but this will be my first solo boat project.

I'd be keen to hear from anyone who has built any of the above, or has experience building using foam core, vacuum bagging methods.


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Re: First build - Bolero, Bandido or Cruise Missile

Post by kens » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:04 am

If you are familiar with wood ply construction, and if fiberglass core seems alien to you, then by all means go with the wood ply build.
Your choice of Cruise Missle is 32' boat, Bandido is 30' and plans allow you to stretch 10% you can easily get 33'.
My vote is a stretched Bandido.
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Re: First build - Bolero, Bandido or Cruise Missile

Post by Bill Edmundson » Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:01 am


I like the stretched Bandido. But, I'd use most of the stretch in the cockpit. The foredeck is long enough. But, you don't commit to that until after the flip. You would the hull per plans.

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