aux 9.9 outboard kicker bracket or notch in transom on inboard Double Eagle

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aux 9.9 outboard kicker bracket or notch in transom on inboard Double Eagle

Post by North » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:38 pm

Hi Folks,

Our 25ft aluminum Double Eagle is inboard/ shaft drive, powered by a 150 hp Cummins 4bt.
Boat is still not finished but we used last summer, and had a 2hp Honda on a small kicker bracket for emergency use and trolling, as we already had the outboard.
We now have a 2007 Mercury 9.9hp 4 stroke long shaft to use as our (permanent) kicker. The current bracket is not strong enough and ones rated for 4 strokes are a bit pricey.
I think the 2hp was a long shaft but measures about 20 inches from top of where it mounts over transom or bracket to the middle of prop hub.
The new long shaft engine measures about 27inches.

I am wondering about just notching out the transom enough to allow it to be in enough water.
below is a pic of transom. the top of where the motor would hang would be about 2 inches higher than the top holes seen (from old bracket), which would put that point at 20 inches above the water line.

Is this desirable/ feasible.

think pros would be:
- no need for bracket
- it would be easier to reach/ tilt engine than if on a bracket
- not having to buy a new bracket
- more sturdy mount and ability to lock better against theft

cons would be engine closer to waterline/ waves/ following seas both when in use and when tilted up


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