11' Dyno Jet - Beginner Builder

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11' Dyno Jet - Beginner Builder

Postby dpow86 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:18 pm

I've been interested in the 11' Dyno Jet:
http://www.boatdesigns.com/11-Dyno-Jet- ... ducts/212/

I'd love some feedback if anyone would be able to provide.
I'm a mechanic, but have very little experience with wood, but I have a lot of experience with tools. Would this build be easy for me to pickup?
I'm thinking of building this in my garage. Would I be able to move the hull around during construction myself?
I have next to no experience with JetSki engines. I found some salvage ones online for a few hundred. Should I be avoiding a certain power range for this craft level?
Obviously, wood is not fully water resistant. Should I consider fiberglassing the bottom of the hull?
I love the look of deep stained wood with white lines running between the planks. Is this something a beginner can achieve?
Last question. In terms of materials such as wood, glue, nails, fiberglass (not engine/pump/steering) what level of cost should I expect? I am already thinking between $800 to $1,400.

neel thompson
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Re: 11' Dyno Jet - Beginner Builder

Postby neel thompson » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:07 pm

You can do it.... You might look up Dr. Ben Petre in Annapolis. He has been building a Barrelback for some time now. Maybe he could give you some local encouragement. You could also send him a private message through the forum. Also, if your schedule allows, try to make it to our annual gathering in Guild, Tennessee in September. You will meet many who started their builds with little or no woodworking experience. Best of luck to you..... Neel

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Re: 11' Dyno Jet - Beginner Builder

Postby DSR » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:48 pm

Welcome to the forum!

Kinda new here myself and pretty much in the same boat as you are (yes, pun completely intended...... ). Quite a bit of mechanical / fab experience but hardly any woodworking. Before this TNT project the only things I've ever done with wood was a bookshelf for my daughter and a cabinet for my flow bench. This forum and the members here are simply the best and the wealth of knowledge is amazing. If, by chance, you don't find answers to any questions by searching, all you have to do is ask.
To one of your questions in particular about jetski donors, I found a ton of info on the PWC forums such as Greenhulk, for example, when I was researching for the TNT powertrain, so I would recommend starting there.

I hope that helps.... :D

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