Question about "Key West"

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Question about "Key West"

Post by gostap » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:36 pm

Hello everybody

I'm new at the forum, as well a newbie to boatbuilding even if I have experience of professional in Sweden, so excuse my English.. :)
I have some question about "Key West" which is the boat I start building. It depends the engine and gear ratio. I have a GM V8 engine I intend to use in the boat. (inboard installation) After the recovering of the engine, I think there will be about 270-300hp. The boat is meant to be "loaded" with 6-7 persons and some equipment for fishing. My intention is to have a moderate marsh speed about 25-28knots and 35knots top speed.
I got suddenly a good opportunity to buy a Borg Warner valve drive (type AS7-71C) that have a gear ratio 1,91:1

Could that ratio work for the Key West?

Hope for answer from all experienced people on forum..

Best Regards;

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