Bob's Geronimo - launch

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Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by bobinpowayca »

Well we launched her yesterday and it was a great day - I am really happy with the boat. Jim Milhouse came by and watched and gave some tips. So here's how it went - all I've got are a couple of stills taken at the pier, if I can figure out how to put my daughter's camera videos on here I'll send a few of us under way.
First I will say that the boat seemed too high in front, and low in back. Even with the motor trimmed all the way down it still seemed too nose high. My fuel is in back (14gal) and I have 2 batteries in back (cranking and deep cycle). But I think we may have had just too many people in the boat.
The plan was for me and my daughter to take her out for a while until I got comfortable with it, then pick up the rest. But everybody wanted to go so took them all. Me and my wife in front, my daughter and her husband (200lbs) in the back buckets, then I set up two folding chairs for the grandkids at the transom (8 and 11 yrs old). And off we went. Once we got out of the no wake zones there was a light wind and mild chop so I nailed it and I got it up to 38mph before I started getting scared - the boat was really slamming the water. Then we headed out the channel, wanted to get out in the ocean but there were some big rollers coming in and I did a risk assessment and turned around.
I am really impressed with the boat, it's plenty fast. I need to work on trimming, and need to not put so many people in the boat. My wife got seasick from the ride, she says because of the bouncing, also maybe facing backwards. I reassured her that for me and her we will just be "cruising" and the idea is to be comfortable, but the kids loved it. Bob, thanks for your checklist. Bob
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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by vupilot »

Great Job! It really looks great there!

It will probably be noticeably different with just the two of you so try it with a light load before you change too much. I'm sure some of the folks that run similar boats will give you some ideas on trimming but just try what you have a lot first and get to know the boat. Try running just the two of you and light on fuel with the motor trimmed level so the motor cavitation plate is parallel to the bottom of the boat and run at all different speeds then make small changes and run full speed range again. Add ballast up near the bow and run again. You'll get it riding just like you want.

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by billy c »

Congratulations Bob. That was more than a shakedown cruise with all those people aboard! Glad you had a great day with the family!
As vupilot commented on in the above post, running next time with just two on board will allow you the to make the adjustments for trim and ballast placement which will smooth out the ride.
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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by DrBryanJ »

Fantastic Bob: Glad all went well. Can't give any advice on trimming, but I know we have many knowledgeable people here that can help.

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by hoodman »

Congratulations, Bob! The boat looks like it sits right on her waterline from the picture you posted with two aboard. Sounds like you had plenty of power even with a full load of passengers. Speaking of which, once you get a boat loaded up towards its max capacity, you will start to run out of trim adjustment. I'm sure you will be fine with just a little bit less aboard.

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by PeterG »

Excellent! Glad the sea trials went well. I think you'll have the balance and trim figured out to your liking in no time at all, like the others say make small changes at a time to see which ones make the most improvement. Mission Bay looks just like I remember it, been there many times. I watched the unlimited hydro races at the 1995 Bayfair, when the Miss Budwieser spontaneously disassembled itself right in front of me in the last race going for the win. Very unstable flight characteristics!
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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by Brad Tucker »

Congratulations! Looks great!

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by chugalug »

nice boat there ,fella.glad you had uneventful launch. :D
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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by Jimbob »

Beautiful boat! Looks great on the water.
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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by BayouBengal »

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this happy and successful day with us.

Great job on the boat, she looks fantastic.

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by JimmY »

Congrats! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by Bill Edmundson »


Wipe that GRIN off your face! I know, it won't come off.

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by mrintense »

Outstanding Bob, glad it went well. I think you made the correct decision in not heading further out. Take the time to get used to the boat and get her dialed in. She looks wonderful setting there in the water. Congratulations. :D :D

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by obd »

Well done Bob! Beautiful boat! I would definitely reassess ride when not at maximum capacity. I think you will be fine. I know you will enjoy getting out on the water!

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Re: Bob's Geronimo - launch

Post by obd »

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give you my formula for trimming. When I start from a stop or idle speed, I trim the motor all the way down. As soon as I get up on plane, I look over my shoulder and trim the motor up until the top of the motor cowling is parallel to the water's surface. If I change my speed, up or down, I look back and simply adjust the trim to keep the top of the cowling parallel to the water surface. The idea here is that you want the prop, ideally, biting the water straight on. The trim simply adjusts for the angle of the boat hull as it travels through the water. Hope this helps.

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