Bob's Geronimo - 2nd time

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Bob's Geronimo - 2nd time

Post by bobinpowayca » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:45 am

Howdy, we took her out again yesterday. The first time I couldn't keep the nose down or trim it right and I thought it was because there were too many people in the boat. So this time, just me and my wife and I was hoping for a smooth ride. We started out at the south end of San Diego Bay. We had a small headwind about 5-10mph, and a little chop on the water but not enough for whitecaps. And periodic waves from big boats.
So the problem was, the nose is too high. Most of the time I had to lean and look around the nose of the boat to see ahead. We were travelling 5-10mph, with the motor fully down. I tried to speed up to bring it "up on plane" but the ride was pretty rough. I expected it to nose down a little as I sped up to plane - I did get up to about 15 mph - i thought maybe this would be on plane and I started to raise the motor, but then it really nosed up. And I heard the motor whine sometimes - cavitation? I also heard this whine as I went over rollers.
On the way back down the bay, we had a tail wind. I still kept the motor all the way down. This time it was smoother, the nose was down better, and we were travelling about 20mph without realizing it.
Also, sitting empty at the pier she looked somewhat nose high. So here's some things to consider - I have 2 batteries, a full 14 gallon tank, and a 320 lb motor. Were those typical for a boat like this back in the 50's when Glen designed it? Also - the nose is just an empty cone - but when I built the motorbox, I tend to "overbuild". I framed it all out with white oak of larger dimension than plans, etc.
Oh yeah,another thought - this is a "high freeboard" design, which I thought would be good for going out in the ocean a little. But with the high freeboard, especially with the nose up, it's like a sail in the wind.
So here's what I'm thinking of doing. I don't want to put lead or steel weights, sand, etc up front because that would defeat my efforts to make the boat buoyant. I first thought of a large water tank like a bow tank, because you could add or siphon out water to get the weight right. But then there'd be the "slosh factor" if the tanks weren't full and that would really mess with the nose. So I'm going to get some 5gallon buckets with lids and bungs, and fill them full. Then belt them to the stem up in the bow. Maybe start out with 2 buckets (>80lbs). Doesn't seem like much weight but then it's at the end of the bow. Then find a calm lake and see what happens. Any thoughts? Thanks, Bob
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