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Scooter build

Post by tclark » Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:52 am

Very close to completing my Scooter project. I still need to add a cavitation plate to the engine, and attach the grabrail and windshield. Took Jiggy Six out this weekend for the first time. Spent some time breaking in the new Suzuki. also had a marine surveyor inspect the boat so I could get insurance on it. Everything went well with the inspection.

A couple of questions. This boat is designed for super shallow operation and rests low in the water. When I launched a little water actually got on top of the deck. After moving it off the trailer, it rests fine. The incline of the ramp, weight of the motor, placement of the console all have an effect on this. The boat felt great after the initial break in period. It was fairly choppy out and I was impressed the ride was pretty dry. It pops on plane very quickly, even without the cavitation plate. If I want to add more weight or ballast to the front of the boat, how would I do that? Sand bags? Not sure I need the weight, especially since cavitation plate is not installed yet. More in water testing to come.

I am getting water in through the hatches so have to dry out the interior when finished. The interior is coated with two coats of epoxy, below deck. I plan to dry it out after use. Will it be ok to park the boat in the water for a few days on a weekend excursion and dry it out after. Interior will be wet and hold some water in the bilge. I am assuming the epoxy will protect the boat for a weekend ( four or 5 days ) in the water without damage. Should this be ok, or should I pull the boat out every day in order to get the water out? I am talking a little water, like a half inch in the back end.

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Re: Scooter build

Post by Milhouse » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:48 pm

Congrats on getting her in the water! Looks like a fun boat.

Do you have a bilge pump? I probably would not leave it in the water if its taking on water without a bilge pump just so you don't swamp it.

Can you seal the hatches better to keep water out?
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Re: Scooter build

Post by tclark » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:39 am

I installed two 750 gallon per hr bilge pumps with automatic control and manual switch. I am more worried about a half inch of water sitting in the area for a few days.

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Re: Scooter build

Post by R1200rme » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:54 am

OP, little confused, when you say you said "I am talking a little water, like a half inch in the back end." Was this water from the day's boating and what seeped in through hatches or is the boat truly "taking a little water" just sitting still? I would expect no problems with water sitting a couple of days until your weekend jaunts are done.

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