Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

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Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

Post by mrintense »

Something I've seen a few times which is unfortunate and which can cause someone to give up on their build prematurely is making a mistake in the building process that feels like it has ruined everything. It rarely does, but the feeling is there and I know from personal experience, it can cause you to want to give up.

Fortunately, we have this wonderful forum where people are more than willing to answer questions, offer encouragement, and share their work for other's to use as an example. But there is one piece of advice that occasionally gets placed out there that I think is something that all potential builders should consider. That is purchasing the "Boatbuilding With Plywood" book put out by Glen L.

This book is a great resource and should be required reading before starting one of these projects. The reason is because there is good information about many of those same areas where problems often occur and also about things to watch for. Glen Witt, unfortunately no longer with us, accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge in his years running the Glen L business and designing the boats we are building. He was more than willing to share that information with us in this book.

Many of the harder parts of the build are explained well and after reading the book, the builder is more encouraged that this project is doable by the average person.

The cost of this book is minimal in comparison to the cost of building the boat and can potential save the builder from making costly or serious mistakes. I highly recommend it.

Now finally, given all that, I don't want to to discourage people from using the forum as a resource as well. I for one, have found it to be a great additional resource to the book. I encourage others to use the forum and to contribute their knowledge as we all win from this. But many of the questions and mistakes that are made can be answered or avoided by reading this book before starting.

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Re: Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

Post by CarlM »

Excellent advice and eloquently stated Carl!!

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Re: Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

Post by footer »

Yes, well said Carl.I bought the book, but only skimmed over it (reading comprehension issues), only to find out later, had I read it, I wouldn't have made the mistakes I made.

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Re: Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

Post by Sarnian »

Agree 100% Carl.

I read it cover to cover twice before starting. This was not only to learn..but also to give my wife fair warning that I was serious about doing this thing. Every time she saw me reading it she became a little more desensitized to the awfulness of the idea of losing the garage and another obsession for her husband.

I honestly found it to be an entertaining read - and it wasn't that I remembered everything in there...but as I got close to a major thing (fairing the chines for eg) I thought "wait...I remember something about this" - and could go back quickly and look. The book+the forum = recipe for success. The best of information and a feeling of community.

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Re: Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

Post by PeterG »

Totally agree with you Carl. I can't stress enough how important it is to the new builder, even those who already have the plans and instructions, the book fills in the blanks with What and Why and importantly the How. I worked as a lofter at a naval shipyard for a time as an apprentice, we used Robert Stewards' Boatbuilding Manual which is great, but the Glen L book is directly applicable to their designs and have all the info one needs. Really is a must read. I've been through mine about a dozen times, always picking up on something new each time.
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Re: Plug For The Boat Building With Plywood Book

Post by Mark-NJ »

Have to agree...

My plans, in retrospect, were little more than "the details of my hull" that dovetailed into the book's larger message. Without the book I'd still be in the garage wondering what I'm supposed to do!

IMO, you can't build a Glen-L boat w/out the book. Even if you decide to deviate from the book, at least you know the baseline from which you're deviating.

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