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Jackpot - Sightings

Post by KnottyBuoyz »

Spotted in our marina. Jackpot which is a Glen-L Union Jack in ally.


Very nice little boat. The aluminum is extremely practical and you'd never know she's 9 yrs old. Full time livaboard too![/img]
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Dave Grason
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WOW, that really is nice looking. I would not thought of building in aluminum but it actually looks very good.
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Post by phoenix-epoch »

Aluminum is very nice looking BUT it is very expensive and complicated for a non professional builder to build in.
Based on my experience in 20 years on US Navy ships with aluminum superstructures it is not a building material for me.
Steel simply rusts away in a bad environment and you can stay on top of the problems. Aluminum is here today, gone in a week. Deteriation can move horizontally through the material with no indication on the outside only indication is 5 feet away. Using the highest quality alloys that money can buy the tax payers eating the bills.

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